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Epic 101 Diamond

Epic 101 Diamond Piper Diamond Vincennes Engagement Ring Indiana


One of the World's Most BRILLIANT Diamonds 
Traditional diamonds are cut with 58 angles, called "facets." However, Epic 101 diamonds are cut with 101 facets. Adding 43 additional facets at precisely the right angles, dramatically increases the light performance and beauty of these stones."Side-by-side with almost any other diamond, the Epic 101 WINS every time!"

Epic 101 Cut

"A diamond's BEAUTY is determined by it's CUT..."A diamond will reflect a very high proportion of the light which strikes its surface. This high luster is what gives diamonds their pleasing "sparkle." However, a certain amount of light fails to reflect back from the polished surface and this "loss" contributes to a reduction in the scintillation (or sparkle), and therefore the beauty, of the diamond.The quest for the perfect cut has went on for hundreds of years. Cutters have searched for the key to harnessing the light that enters the stone through its upper surface. Ideally, the light that penetrates the interior of the diamond should bounce from facet to facet until it is reflected back up through the top, producing maximum sparkle. Therefore, the amount of sparkle depends almost entirely on the diamond's cut.In the early 20th century, designers codified, in theory, the "ideal" proportions of the 58 faceted diamond,But Epic 101 has Revolutionized that!

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