How it Works

Design FAQ
Our goal as your personal custom jeweler is to help you design and create pieces of fine jewelry based on your needs, ideas, and budget.


The most important factor is to at least have some sort of idea as to what you are wanting designed and created.  Whether that be a ring, pendant, earrings, or bracelet.  Secondly, you need to have a rough budget in mind of what you feel comfortable spending.

Special Note:  At times, a total custom piece is not necessarily needed or may be out of the budget.  In this case, an option known as "semi-custom crafted" might be appropriate.  This is a means of making jewelry using parts and mountings from jewelry manufacturers and assembling them to provide a more cost effective solution rather than a total custom job.


Having a tough time deciding what you want?  If so, go to Google Images and do an internet search.  Whether you search for "funky diamond ring" or "yellow gold ruby pendant" or "custom diamond jewelry".  All of these searches will provide a ton of ideas.  Some you might love, some you might hate.  However, this is a key element in the design and idea stage of the process.  Print out things you both like and dislike and bring them with you for your first consultation (or email them to me if you are a long distance customer).


Call us at 812-882-0571 and set up a FREE design consultation.  If you are long distance, feel free to email your ideas to


During our first meeting, we will be going over the basics such as your overall ideas for the project; what type of budget we are working with; and a time frame as to what will be a realistic completion date.  Sometimes a rough counter sketch is completed during this consultation if one is needed to help communicate ideas more clearly.  Once we have decided on a design and budget, it is now time for either hand wax carving to begin or for the project to get designed using 3DESIGN CAD software.

3DESIGN CAD vs. Hand Carving

Depending on the job, we will either create your new design either by designing it on the computer (3DESIGN) or by hand carving if from wax.  However, before either one of these is done a $300 down payment is required.


If your project is being designed using 3DESIGN, a photorealistic rendering will be generated for you to look at and approve prior to casting. 


After you have approved the rendering, another deposit must be made prior to casting.  This deposit will generally be about 40-50% of what the total cost of the finished piece will be.  After your piece of custom jewelry is finished, the balance can be paid at time of pick up.

Piper Diamond Co. is a custom jewelry studio and diamond engagement ring store owned by local jeweler & gemologist, Travis Piper. For over 18 years, Travis has built a reputation for providing exactly what his clients envision for engagement rings, anniversary gifts, milestone celebrations and, of course, personal enjoyment. The store's mission is to create a jewelry experience unlike that of a typical jewelry store. Travis and his team strive to build personal connections with their customers and make the jewelry buying & designing process a fun one!